English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies!

We picked Rosie up in April of 2020 and she has been such a blessing to us! We have always had dogs as part of our families and John has always had golden retrievers. After looking into the English Cream Goldens we decided they would be a perfect breed for us. We chose River Valley Golden retrievers and have been so happy with our decision. Rosie has been the most loving, intelligent, and empathetic dog we have ever had. She loves everyone and is very gentle with children. We decided to work with her breeder and Cornell University to breed Rosie and she is due on June 20th! We expect there to be 7 puppies and are so excited! John has experience with breeding dogs from his family and we have both had lots of advice from Rosie’s breeder and as many books, videos and veterinarian advice as we can get. I am a nurse so that has been helpful in preparing for the birth and to care for the newborns. They will be raised for the first 8 weeks in our home with lots of socialization and exposure to children and other pets when they are old enough. We will also expose them to different noises, scents, and surfaces to build their confidence and social skills. Both parents were tested and are AKC registered as will be the puppies. I am sure Rosie will be a wonderful mother and you can not go wrong with this breed and these 2 parents. We are now accepting reservations for the puppies. They will be available to go home in late August 2022.